Martha Stewart Releases Vegetarian Cookbook

February 8, 2013

Martha Stewart has just released a new vegetarian cookbook called Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes. The book also features several vegan dishes.

"There are many reasons to forgo meat and reach for plant foods, whether you dabble in such a diet occasionally (the Meatless Monday trend is growing rapidly) or you're a vegetarian every day of the week," Stewart writes in the introduction. "For some of us, it comes down to ethical concerns about animal welfare and the deplorable aspects of factory farming. For others, it's a matter of the environment." 

The domestic Goddess also recently revealed that she became more familiar with vegetarian foods because her daughter is an "almost" vegan and she has two grandchildren that are vegetarians. "I have to get with the program. I actually still do eat fish, but very little meat," she said. 

Meatless is available now. You can get a sneak peek here


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