Superbowl Bites: Beer Cheese Dip

February 3, 2013

Beer cheese dip is a boozy snack for the Superbowl.  This dip doesn't require any cooking; all the ingredients are combined in a bowl and served.  You'll want to choose a beer with a robust flavor but not overpowering like an ale.  Soft pretzels are the dipper of choice but tortilla chips, chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks would also work.

Beer Cheese Dip



8 ounces Cream Cheese

8 ounces Sour Cream

4 ounces Beer

1 package Hidden Valley Ranch (dry mix)

2 cups Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese



First cream the cream cheese, add remaining ingredients. Use less beer (4 ounces) for thicker dip or more beer (6 ounces) for thinner dip.Chill for 20 minutes then serve with pretzels. Enjoy!

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