The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House is a Carefully Constructed Masterpiece

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December 13, 2012

The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House is a carefully constructed masterpiece. Created by mezcraft, the gingerbread masterpiece took about 40 hours to make, and even includes a clothesline filled with the Weasley's infamous monogrammed sweaters.

Mezcraft, a devout Harry Potter fan, chose to recreate The Burrows as it happens to be her favorite building in Harry Potter.

"I love it because it has an amazing DIY feel to it. Much like myself, they are on a close budget, they have to make do with things that are not perfect or they make it work somehow. Mrs. Weasley makes her family home knit sweaters for Christmas and they reuse books and clothing, just like me! In my mind that house is kept together with magic, duct tape and love."

For her full recipe and instructions, check them out here.