Triple Threat Candy Bar Cookies

August 8, 2012
These triple threat candy bar cookies from Eat and Sip in the City are a dynamite dessert.  Apart from being delicious, these cookies are super easy.  Taking a little help from the store, pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough is studded with mini Oreo's as well as Snicker's bars.  You can also make these cookies using your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.  Serve up the triple threat candy bar cookies with a tall glass of milk.
1 package of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (1 lb mix plus butter and egg)
5 mini Peanut Butter Snicker’s squares, cut in quarters
14 bite-sized/mini Oreo’s, halved (1/3 cup chopped)
Make chocolate chip cookie batter according to the package (or use your favorite homemade recipe) with the oven preheated based on the directions.
Next mix in halved mini Oreo’s.
Form balls of dough, which equal a heaping or rounded tablespoon.
Cut a ball of dough in half and pop in a quarter of the Snicker’s before putting it back together and melding the dough around the candy.
Place the dough balls on an ungreased baking sheet lined up and ready to go in the oven.
Bake cookies until golden brown on the edges (minutes vary depending on baking sheet type, oven, and mix you use) and put in the other batch to cook through (if you haven’t already). Remove from the oven and let cool before taking the cookies off the baking sheet.
Serve and enjoy! These are sure to win over the crowds, I promise you that!

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