Tuna Scrape: The Next Pink Slime?

May 8, 2012

First Pink Slime, now tuna scrape. In case you haven't heard, processors of tuna in India,  have come up with a new way to use the tuna flesh that clings to hard-to-reach areas of bone on a fish carcass. The leftover bits of meat are scraped off, combined with scrapings of multiple other fish, frozen into blocks and shipped to the US. 

To clarify, tuna scrape is not treated with any chemicals during this process, and here is where the trouble seems to start. Tuna scrape is thawed and used raw, to make sushi. Since during the entire process, the raw fish is handled multiple times, there is a high risk of contamination. Raw consumption enables the bacteria to live throughout the entire process and be eaten. 

What do you think? Is tuna scrape acceptable for making sushi? 


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