Ellen DeGeneres Talks Struggles with Vegan Diet

April 27, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres recently opened up about her vegan diet and her understanding of just how hard it can be to make the switch to an animal product-free lifestyle. In fact, the talk show host admits that she first tried to go vegan 15 years ago, but the diet choice only lasted six months. 

"I've always called myself an animal lover. And yet I ate them," she said. "Until four years ago I would be driving past these cows on pastures, and think 'What a lovely life that is,' and I'd go and order a steak. It takes a click, just one light bulb, and you're like 'I can't do that anymore.'"

It was when a friend spoke to DeGeneres about chicken that she decided to take another shot at a vegan lifestyle. 

"Someone mentioned 'If you knew what chicken looked like or you knew how chicken was made, you'd never eat it again.' Something snapped." 

DeGeneres understands how hard it is to make any kind of diet change, especially one that removes all dairy and eggs from your diet. 

"It's like anybody who's trying to make a change, especially a habit like eating food every day," she said. "It's hard to make a change." 

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