Slimmed-Down Snickers Bars are a Low-Calorie Dieter's Dream

March 29, 2012

Snickers bars are slimming down and saying sayonara to the king-sized Snickers variety at the end of this year. Mars Inc. has now decided that Snickers, as well as many of its other chocolaty treats, will be under 250 calories by 2013.

The slimmer candy bars should help dieters and everyday eaters moderate their sugar intake and no longer feel guilty about indulging. Mars Inc. also intends to cut 25 percent of the sodium levels in its bars to usher in more heart-healthy candy bars.

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Jan's picture

So they're shrinking them 'in the interest of health?' Are they going to shrink the price too? I'm betting the price will stay the same as they know people will just buy more bars. What a crock.