Scott Disick Refused Entry into Restaurant Because of Camera Crew

March 16, 2012

Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick wasn't allowed entry into Co-Op Food & Drink in New York earlier this week because he brought along his reality TV camera crew. 

The restaurant says they have strict policies about allowing cameras into their eatery. Apparently, Disick was there for a business meeting with the owners of Fatty Crab -- a restaurant he reportedly has invested in.

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Irvine Chiropractor's picture

These reality show people think they can just barge in anywhere. But they really shouldn't have refused Scott, they should've just let him in but not the camera crew right?

SuzieQ55's picture

Right, I agree with the post above
Say no to the cameras and allow Scott in
But why doesnt that restaurant want the
Extra exposure? Only good can come of it
Unless they are hiding something???

SuzieQ55's picture

Scott needs this break I think he has
What it takes and he is doing something other
Than relying on the kardashians to create his
Fame, good for him,