Michelle Obama Talks Food and Family on BET

March 4, 2012

Michelle Obama was a guest on BET's Life Your Voice and talked about the importance food has on the family dynamic. 

"For so many of us, food is more than just nourishment to our bodies, it's how we knit our families and our communities together," the First Lady said. "How many of us find ourselves looking forward to that fried chicken, mac and cheese, pound cake after church on Sunday. Some people come to church just for the fried chicken," she joked. 

Obama also talked about her Let's Move campaign and how talk of childhood obesity has helped start a shift toward healthier habits. 

"We've seen the conversation change; we've really seen over these two years the nation coming together big and small to really tackle this problem," Obama said. She also spoke of companies such as "Wal-Mart stepping up and making changes to the formulation of their products, Darden -- which is the largest restaurant chain in the world -- is changing their kids' menus, making fruits and vegetables the first option." 



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