Sandra Lee Reveals the Food Network Said No to Cocktail Recipes

February 11, 2012

Alcohol plays a pretty big role in Sandra Lee's show, Semi Homemade Cooking. However, when the show first started, Lee admits that the Food Network was not too keen on her use of alcohol. 

"They told me I needed to be different and I wanted to make a cocktail -- I'm from Wisconsin -- and the Food Network told me I couldn't do that and we can't put alcohol on TV -- 'you can't wake up at 10 AM saying here's a cocktail,'" Lee said. 

Fifteen seasons later, Lee no longer has anything to worry about. What she hopes for now, is longevity in her career. 

"I don't think there are any footsteps to be walked in. No one else has taken things that you can buy at the grocery store and put them together. I hope that I have a career as long as Julia Child. 

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