$55,000 Valentine's Day Cupcake

February 8, 2012

This $55,000 Valentine's Day cupcake from Cupcakes Gourmet is a ravishing yet slightly ridiculous way to propose to your partner. The red velvet cupcake is topped with an 8-carat engagement ring from Warwick Jewelers.

"A diamond is worth a thousand words, but with a cupcake, it's worth more," said Maki Garcia-Evans, the owner of Cupcakes Gourmet. "It suits our store's sloga, 'Love Tastes Like This.'" The $55,000 cupcake is available only via special order, which enables customers to select the diamond ring they prefer for the cupcake.

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Dollybakes's picture

WOW! Fabulous!

Dollybakes's picture

WOW! Fabulous!

Christopher Lynch's picture

Pretty poor show at PR guys sorry.. it would be a different case if its value was quantified by expensive ingredients but serious.. an expensive ring, planted in a cupcake to value it at $55K ?? Lame.

Marissa's picture

Expensive engagement ring! Expensive cupcake! The cupcake looks so tempting. :)