Beyonce Hires Trainer for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

January 27, 2012

Beyonce has enlisted the help of trainer Jeanette Jenkins to help her lose weight and get her back to her pre-baby body. Jenkins is the same trainer who helped Pink and Paula Patton lose their baby weight. 

"A new mother has to eat healthy for herself and for her child, but she also has to live and have a good time too," Jenkins said. "From my experience, if you make healthy food choices 80 percent of the time and eat whatever you like 20 percent of the time, then you will have great results. I recommend to my clients to eat healthy Monday through Friday and then let go on the weekend and enjoy yourself." 

Jenkins also advises that new moms get clearance from their doctor before starting a new workout routine. Her workout routines for new moms include yoga, Pilates and dancing. 

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I love her. I hope she and her baby remains healthy.