HFCS now at Whole Foods Market - UPDATE!

December 12, 2011

UPDATE: We were immediately contacted by Whole Foods regarding our story. Here's what their spokesperson, Kate Lowery, clarified for us:

" The product Shoshanna Levy saw at our Union Square location is from a small local producer who reformulated their crab cakes to not contain HFCS several years ago. We brought this supplier on to support our local vendors in the NYC area after we tested their product to ensure it meets our quality standards, and it does. We do not allow HFCS in our stores. This small local “mom and pop” vendor submitted the old recipe by mistake to the printer for the box labeling. Rest assured, the product we carried did not contain HFCS. There was an oversight on the box labeling. Thanks to the Foodista post, we looked into this quickly and have now issued a pull and hold on the mislabeled boxes of crab cakes and will return them to stock once product with updated labeling arrives."

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What brand of crabcakes?