Make Your Own Thanksgiving Apron

November 21, 2011

If you have been reading this blog for long, you would know that I am sort of an apron geek. Yes, they are super cool and kitschy, but they are also a great way to keep yourself clean and neat, as you scurry around the kitchen before the guests arrive. I have a few favorite apron patterns, but my most favorite is not very flattering. It is awesome, but dorky. 

These patterns, however, are not dorky at all! They are simple and sweet. perfect for wearing on Thanksgiving, and  by changing up the fabric, for any other holiday as well. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and stick to Thanksgiving themed for now. So, here you go: 

Two Tea Towel Apron Tutorial

Frilly Apron Tutorial

Valentine Ruffle Apron (using fall inspired fabrics of course)

Personalized Little Girl's Apron

Simple 1 Yard of Fabric Apron








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