So You Think You Know Cheese

November 16, 2011

If we are being entirely honest here, I am a cheese-aholic! To clarify that comment, I love almost every sort of cheese there is, other than the super spicy stuff. For some reason, I can PUT spicy ON my cheese, but do not enjoy a fiery hot blend of the two-go figure?

Although I am pretty savvy about cheese, making it myself from my goat's milk, I was schooled today, on the Tillamook cheese site! They have a cute cheese IQ quiz, where you have to answer a bunch of cheese related questions before being entered to win a basket of assorted cheeses. How could I resist? 

Sadly, I had to kill a lot of frogs, errr...answer a LOT of extra questions, in order to get to the 100 point total needed. Now, you try it! 

Tillamook Cheese IQ quiz

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