Adam Rodriguez Shares his Diet Tips

November 9, 2011

Adam Rodriguez is starring in the upcoming movie, Magic Mike, as a male stripper and the actor admitted that he had to put himself on a very strict diet to prepare for the role.

"My diet consisted of a plan that was designed to keep every meal in the 350-400 calorie range with 40% protein, 35% carbohydrates, and 25% fats," the CSI: Miami star said. "The proteins were all lean, the carbs were good complex carbs like yams, brown rice or quinoa, and steamed or raw vegetables while the fats mainly consisted of avocado, olive or coconut oil, and whatever fats are naturally contained within the protein source."

Rodriguez didn't come up with the diet plan all on his own. He got some help from Adam Friedman at Venice Nutrition in Venice, California.

"The intention of the diet plan was to maintain a constant blood sugar level that would be optimum for burning fat and getting my body as lean as possible (by the time of shooting I was at or below 6% body fat)," he said.

The actor also had to stay away from salt, sugar and alcohol.

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