Food Talk - Just One Ingredient

November 3, 2011

Tonight, we had a simple meal of mac and cheese, and fresh butternut squash. It wasn't a fancy dinner. It wasn't anything to write home about, but everyone was satisfied. You know why? One simple thing: Whipped cream. 

That's right. The addition of some homemade whipped cream turned this sort of bland dinner, into a party. That butternut squash was suddenly a masterpiece! 

That is the take away from today's blog. It isn't really about cooking super fancy, high-end foods with exotic ingredients. Just cook simple things, and add something memorable. Tonight, that something was whipped cream. 

Q. What do you do to make your dinners special? 

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Anna @ Food Fitness Frolicking's picture

Whipped cream sounds delicious right now!

I love making simple meals special by using tasty herbs, flavorful cheeses, or just new flavors!