School Official Demanded Girl, 8, to Eat Lunch Out of Trash

October 29, 2011

In Lake Elsinore, California, a school supervisor from Earl Warren Elementary School forced  an 8-year-old girl to eat her lunch out of a trash can, according to the North County Times.

Apparently, the girl had thrown away her uneaten sandwich and the the official retrieved the sandwich and demanded that she eat it.

Superintendent  Frank Passarella from the Lake Elsinore Unified School District  said  to the paper "we had an employee, I think, who was looking to do the right thing...I think the employee made a poor decision but did it with the best of intent. ... please know that this will not happen in the future."

Principal Ryan Dent sent a memo to campus supervisors urging them to not take food items out of the trash can and force children to eat them.

The mother of the 8-year-old, Irene, commented "I don't think this memo will make people do the right thing."  She said her daughter is afraid to eat lunch at school.

Irene expects disciplinary measures to be taken against this campus official but these actions, if any, are confidential.
Do you think we should monitor children's eating habits at school?  Would you discipline this school official?


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