Vampire Diaries Star and Global Root Holding Dinner Contest for Charity

October 27, 2011

Paul Wesley has recently become a volunteer with Global Root, an organization who protects children living in areas of famine. Together with his wife, Torrey Devitto, the Vampire Diaries actor will be treating two lucky fans to dinner at a fundraising event in April 2012.

“To those children, a life of famine and poverty is nothing but the norm," Wesley said. "It is our duty to always remember this. And most importantly, to do everything we possibly can to help those who are in need. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to become more charitable in a focused and organized effort, and I organically and fortuitously stumbled upon ‘Global Roots.’ I am very proud to be a part of this program and my sincere hope is that more people will too.”

For more information and to enter the contest, visit Global Root.

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