Canola Gone Wild

October 20, 2011

 A new study has proven that it's impossible for GMO seeds not to spread and contaminate non-GMO crops.

"Researchers from the University of Arkansas (UA) have compiled data showing that wild, uncontrolled varieties of transgenic canola plants are turning up all across the state of North Dakota." The researchers found that 45% of all roadside plants in ND were GMO canola.

The bottom line is that there are not enough regulations in place to monitor the spread of GMO crops. More and more of our food supply is being contaminated with GMOs, and now there are lawsuits popping up which are suing the biotech industry for illegal trespass.

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Am I missing something? The first sentence of this summary doesn't make sense with the rest of the article... "these GMO crops do not spread, but they're turning up all over North Dakota"?