Christina Aguilera Rents Part of London Train with Specific Food Demands

October 9, 2011

Christina Aguilera was in Cardiff this weekend, paying tribute to Michael Jackson in the Michael Forever concert. She decided to take a train from London to Cardiff to enjoy the British Countryside, but she didn't want to ride the train like any other person, she wanted to rent out a portion of the first-class carriage to herself for $9500.

Being that she rented out a portion of the train for herself and her entourage, regular train food just wasn't going to cut it. In part with her traveling demands, Aguilera made sure that her part of the train came equipped with Belvedere vodka, chilled champagne, bottles of chilled Pinot Grigio, Fiji mineral water, Fuji apples, unsalted almonds, and a pot of pure honey. Aside from the food she requested, the singer also ate a bag of salt and vinegar chips.




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