Fabio Viviani Continues Massive Sell Out

October 5, 2011

Mere weeks after saying, "I don't want to be a media whore," chef Fabio Viviani appears to have completely contradicted himself. In addition to his recent partnerships with Domino's and Bertolli (and Windstar Cruises), the Top Chef alum has also announced relationships with Yahoo! and Match.com

Fabio recently released a video for Yahoo! called Chow Ciao! where he teaches how to make the perfect frittata. Check out the video below. 

Match.com will feature a series of articles and recipes from Fabio with the perfect date night recipes. He says he is not a "date doctor" but also says his parents have been together for 33 years and his grandparents were together for 70 years. 
"I’m young and learning about love right alongside you.  I’m passionate and I’m a dreamer in search of the perfect girl to love forever and wake up by her side every morning.  I would do ANYTHING for the love of my life but I will not settle for anything less than what I promise in a relationship," Fabio writes.
What do you think? Is Fabio overexposed or are do you want to see more? 

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Dean's picture

Anthony, wow!! Trying to pin the label "sellout" is really strange coming from someone doing their best to make a name for themself blogging. Are you saying that if advertisers came to you, as they do "Dooce" you would say no to them??? Get real..............you cant blame anybody for seizing an opportunity these days. Everyone is doing the best they can and some are doing better than others. Dont be a hater; I bet you would sell your ass off to make a nice living. Instead of trying to make a living by bringing others down, why don't you lift yourself up and go find some advertisers that might be interested in your blog.
There are too many people these days focusing their energy outwards trying to discredit others, when they should be looking inside of themselves trying to solve their own issues.
Fabio is a go-getter and deserves any and all he can get, just like you, me and eveyone else.
Maybe you should write a blog that shares and exposes the positive energy in the world today. That's what is needed more than a jealous-based blog.