Weird Wednesday Links: Inside Kitchen Nightmares, PETA's Latest Ploy and a 70,000 S'More

September 28, 2011

Happy Weird Wednesday! This week, we've got the latest Epic Meal Time installment, insider reports from the set of "Kitchen Nightmares" and the on-site cafeteria at Apple, PETA's latest ploy and the Butt Mug. Let's dive right in, shall we?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dine at a restaurant during a "Kitchen Nightmares" renovation with Gordon Ramsay? Nick of Jersey Bites found out firsthand, and lived to tell the tale. [Jersey Bites]

Speaking of behind-the-scenes exposes, check out this wrap-up of an Apple employee's week working at the tech giant's on-site cafeteria. [Huffington Post]

PETA uses a 21-year-old fisherman's frightening run-in with a shark as an opportunity to promote veganism. Its latest ad depicts a shark chomping on a human drumstick with the tagline, "Payback is Hell. Go Vegan." [Gizmodo]

The Epic Meal Time boys go camping and enjoy a 70,000-calorie Big Stupid S'More. [YouTube]

The Butt Mug is a coffee cup shaped like an itty-bitty keester. [Neatoshop]

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper is a spirit that blends SoCo with Tabasco chilies. Has the Bloody Mary finally met its match? [Uncrate]

The 50s had its fair share of kitchen gadgets, and this slideshow catalogs the worst of the bunch. [Huffington Post]

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