Ice Cream Mascot Mistaken For KKK

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September 28, 2011

Normally this is not the kind of publicity a new shop looks for. An ice cream mascot, meant to drum up support for the new Ice Cream Family Corner & Sandwiches in Ocala, Florida, had the opposite effect as motorists mistook an ice cream costume located outside the shop on a busy intersection for KKK robes

Co-owner Jose Cantres learned through Facebook that many motorists were avoiding the shop because they feared a Klansman was protesting outside. The owners had never heard of the notorious white supremacist group before immigrating from Puerto Rico. Up close, the costume clearly does not resemble the robes, but from far away and in passing cars it's easy to understand why the costume would be confusing. 

"We're a friendly environment, family-oriented," manager Liza Diaz said. "We're not (racist). We're very friendly, very religious."

Click here to see a picture of the costume in question. The shop no longer uses it. 

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