Angel Food Ministries Closed

September 24, 2011

Angel Food Ministries is a discounted grocery supply company for many needy families across America. They have been around for 17 years, offering discounted prices on an assortment of healhty foods each month. After signing up, a family receives a *package* of proteins, vegetables and other items, at a greatly reduced price. There is no junk food or expired products here. The food is fresh and varied each month. 

Angel Food Ministries has ceased operations, effective immediately. They simply couldn't continue financially. This is a harsh blow to the families that are already trying to stretch their grocery dollar. 

Please read the gracious notice that they posted to their site. 

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Robert Senesi's picture

Thanks for the posting and the info. What a sad story about a wonderful ministry that has helped thousands over the years. Hopefully there will be another to fill in for Angel Food Ministries, a true ministry that serves their fellow man.