Gordon Ramsay Nearly Arrested in Los Angeles

September 17, 2011

A member of the LAPD drew his gun on famed British chef Gordon Ramsay after the foul-mouthed cook drove his new Maserati down the wrong side of the road in Los Angeles. 

Ramsay was taking his new car out for a late drive, but forgot he was not in England and turned down the wrong side of the road. A police officer pulled him over. 

"The LAPD is suddenly on my a**e with lights flashing. I get out and the cop goes crazy, pulling his gun and shouting 'Get back in the car!' It's half past midnight and I've got no ID on me. He's going bananas thinking I stole the f****** Maserati," he told The Sun

He was saved by an unlikely group of people. Several girls from a nearby pizza shop yelled "we love you Chef Ramsay!" and cop realized who he was (and that he hadn't stolen the car). 

Thus, a truly bizarre week has finished for the chef. 


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