Jamie Oliver Is a Reluctant Crusader

August 28, 2011

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been leading a crusade to get people around the world consuming better food. His critically-acclaimed show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" aired on ABC for two seasons. 

Yet, in a new interview with Outside Magazine, Oliver doesn't seem to relish his upfront role in the fight for better food. 

"I have a massive and genuine belief in the American public," he says in the interview. "The stirring of the pot is very much needed. But my career’s in England. My career is being an author and a restaurateur. This is financially the worst use of my time. I think I’m an odd soldier to do this." 

What do you think of Oliver's comments? Read the full interview at Outside. 

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Selena Darrow's picture

Will preface this by saying if you really believe in working towards influence and behavior change via education, I support you. If not, being a crusader doesn't usually mean big dollars... AND if that is what it is all about, maybe its time to make a change?

Hugh McGivern's picture

As much as I try to admire hid work there I'd always a trail of destruction left in his wake. Before trying to change peoples perceptions of food and nutrition, try to get a feel of the demographics, make food fun and get the populus on side, give them foods they can relate too but re-work thr ingredients, chances are that if it looks the same they will eat it. Once this is in place there must be a follow up plan to ensure consistency, this could take a couple of years. Novelty food fads last a few weeksn new processes last for a generation.