Take Your Food From Blah to Bling with Esslack Spray

August 26, 2011

Straight from the creative geniuses at The Deli Garage, now you can bling up your fruits, veggies, cheescake, portherhouse steak -- transforming them into edible gold or silver objects. Using Esslack edible spray paint, you can transform your food with the Midas Touch. Available in gold, silver, metallic red and blue, Esslack spray is 100% non-toxic and super awesome. 


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Sheryll's picture

I think the silver and gold would make Christmas happen! I can just see the table set now! I'm not too hot on the chicken. But this stuff looks like a lot of fun.

Mike's picture

Cool product, stupid name. Haven't they ever heard of Ex Lax?

Nadine's picture

The chicken is hilarious--I wonder if the spray alters the overall flavor. @Mike, the product appears to be German, translating to something like "dining lacquer" or "food varnish."