5 Delectable 'Star Wars' Desserts

August 10, 2011

"Star Wars" and "desserts" aren't exactly two phrases that you would expect to go together, but I am here to prove you wrong! It turns out that Star Wars-inspired desserts are quite popular among fans of the movie franchise. Check out my top 5 picks of Star Wars desserts below!

Darth Vader Cupcakes

Take a trip to the dark side with these fan-made cupcakes. These chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting are fully equipped with fondant light sabers.

Star Wars desserts

Death Star Cake

This Death Star cake was made for a 7-year-old fan of the popular movie series. Designed by Rachel Linhart, the cake took a total of 24 hours to make between the baking, designing and assembling

Star Wars desserts

Princess Leia Cupcakes

It wasn't until I came across these Princess Leia cupcakes that I realized just how adorable Star Wars characters could be. All it takes is a few Oreo cookies and some black frosting and sprinkles to replicate this cute treat at home.

Star Wars desserts

Storm Trooper Candy Pops

These Clone and Storm Trooper candies are a homemade recipe made out of chocolate and marshmallows. They fit in perfectly with a Star Wars themed party!

Star Wars desserts

Star Wars Cupcakes

At a press event for the Clone Wars, visitors were treated with these delicious looking confections. A little Darth Vader, a little Death Star and a few light sabers pull these treats together perfectly!

Star Wars desserts


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Laura's picture

Leia looks just as good in cupcake form! A new use for delicious Oreos! And that Death Star cake is great too. I want cakes!

Ariel M.'s picture

I just love the whole galatic bakery goods. Sweet idea! Maybe you can send these pictures to Orillia's big and loveable bakery; The Mariposa Bakery & Cafe. They sell decorative cakes with a whole menu of old country bake goods. Their right in the heart of Orillia, I live in a village just north of them.