The Non-GMO Shopping Guide

August 9, 2011

The True Food Shoppers Guide, created by the Center for Food Safety, allows consumers to make informed decisions at the grocery store about GMO ingredients.

The guide and phone app offer tips on how to identify and avoid GMO ingredients. They even take it a step further by offering contact information for companies that use GMO ingredients. "This feature enables consumers to personally voice their opposition to the use of GM foods directly to the parties involved."

Companies of the RED list use GMO ingredients and those on the GREEN list have made an effort to avoid GMOs.

You can download the guide or get the phone application. Either way, this is a valuable step towards consumers making educated choices about what they feed their families.

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Sheri Wetherell's picture

What a great resource! European consumers have done a great job at forcing companies to remove harmful ingredients from their food, simply through their collective voice! We Americans should do the same thing and demand better quality food from producers.