Etsy Crush - Felt Omelet

August 2, 2011

This time of  year, we get dozens of eggs every day. Our hens free range, and they reward us by laying copious amounts of eggs. I can cook with eggs every day, and the younger kids argue about who gets to gather them each morning. 

While daydreaming at Etsy tonight, I found this cute, felted omelet with all the fixins. What a creative toy for all your budding chefs in the family. If that is not too much cute for you, check out the seller's store: The Felted Pear. Seriously amazing artwork that your kids can play with. Beautiful work. 

If you are enjoying an abundance of eggs right now, make some meals that require a lot of eggs in the recipe. Thanks to our Foodista readers, you will have endless options. 

Egg Curry

Angelfood Cake

Smoky Deviled Eggs

Ginger Pickled Eggs

Pizza Omelette




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