Foodzy Uses Badges to Incentivize Healthy Eating

July 28, 2011

An Amsterdam startup called Foodzy is attempting to incentivize healthy eating by doling out badges to its users. Foodzy members log their daily meals into the application; those who eat plenty of healthy items like fish, fruit and vegetables earn badges in return.

Foodzy isn't strictly a dieting site, however; it also awards badges for indulgences like cake on one's birthday or barbecued meals during the summer. This emphasis on a balanced, enjoyable diet poses a more realistic solution to daily meal-tracking than eating plans that don't allow for occasional splurges.

Foodzy also has a competitive component that enables friends to compete against each other to see who can eat the healthiest for the longest. Foodzy says that a mobile app is forthcoming, and future functionality might include integration with Wi-Fi scales, Nike Plus and other wellness devices.

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