Weird Wednesday: Itty-Bitty Watermelons, Flesh-Eating Mushrooms and Ice Cream Truck Jingles

July 27, 2011

It's that time of the week again, and this Weird Wednesday we're exploring a new set of the day's oddest news stories. We've got a bunch of treats for you today, including itty-bitty watermelons, must-have gadgets to facilitate healthy eating, and corporate logo-switching.

Pepquinos cucamelons are the tiniest watermelons you'll ever eat. [Oddity Central]

Five gadgets to help make eating healthier easier, including a Vita-Mix, a "veggie spiralizer" and a quick pickle press. [MyLifeScoop]

Pizza Hut ads have just been ranked as the most successful (i.e. persuasive) pizza commercials. Here's a look at 25 years of Pizza Hut commercials. [HuffPost Food]

Jae Rhim Lee is a bioartist who is training mushrooms and other fungi to eat her body tissue and excretions like sweat and tears so that when she dies, they'll be primed to feast on her body in a process she calls "decompiculture." [Boing Boing]

Graham Smith investigates what would happen if some of the world's most recognizable brands switched logos with their competitors. [Toxel]

It's official: Eating fatty food makes you feel better. [Huffington Post]

Musicians in the SoundCloud community record and remix ice cream truck jingles. [SoundCloud]

The strange and twisted history of ramen noodles, courtesy of Bill DeMain. [Mental_Floss]

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