Fab Five Friday: Blog Round Up

July 15, 2011

Gluten Free Cherry Almond Muffins
Thank you Gluten Free Goddess, for these sugar free seasonal muffins.

GM Salmon can Breed with Wild Species
Contrary to what the Aquabouty corporation says, GM salmon can indeed breed with other wild species. This is a recipe for disaster and needs to be stopped!

A New Way to Measure Hunger
How we measure hunger globally will make a difference in how the problem is solved.

Blackberry Sorbet
Another delightfully simple recipe from the Nourished Kitchen.

Why it's so Hard to Reform the Food System
This chart explains just why it's so difficult to fix the broken food system.

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Karina's picture

Thank you for including my (muffin) post in this inspiring blog round-up. Great stuff. Food for thought- as well as the body.