Freshly Baked Blueberry Scones

July 6, 2011

We talk about blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes, but what about blueberry scones?  These fruity scones give you a great jump start to your morning.  Since they are a quick bread, they can be baked in the morning.  Or if you don't plan on waking up early, make them the night before.  Serve these blueberry scones with creamy butter or blueberry preserves. 

Blueberry Scones


½ cup Heavy cream plus additional

for brushing the scones

1 Egg

1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

2 cups All-purpose flour

¼ cup Sugar plus additional

for sprinkling the scones

½ teaspoon Salt

1 tablespoon Double-acting baking powder

½ teaspoon Baking soda

6 tablespoons Cold unsalted butter cut into bits

¾ cup Blueberries picked over

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Blueberry Cream Scones

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