Artist Nicola Freeman Makes Super-Sized Candy Sculptures

June 16, 2011

At the University of Wolverhampton degree show in the U.K., artist Nicola Freeman showed off a super-sized series of sweets that would thrill any candy lover. She created four plaster and resin pieces -- Sweetie Necklace, Love Heart, Sweetie Watch and Lolly Pop -- that look like giant versions of their candy counterparts.

In an interview with Andrew Lewis for Craft, Freeman said, "I started out with food art, and then I came up with this idea of enlarging it to a scale that was shocking -- but then it turned into something that was a lot more fun, so that people could relate to it, dealing with the idea of mass consumerism."

Nicola Freeman acknowledges that her super-sized candy sculptures will inspire nostalgia in viewers -- that's the point. Each piece is durable enough to withstand some degree of interaction, and Freeman adds that many gallery visitors have opted to have their photo taken beside the art. Here's a larger shot of one of Freeman's sculptures, with her resin lollipop in the background:

Nicola Freeman

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