McDonalds Combo Turned Into 5 Star Entrees

May 26, 2011

Toronto's alternative weekly magazine, The Grid, offered an unusual challenge to four local chefs. Surprisingly, all four agreed to participate. The challenge? Take the classic McDonalds combo (a burger, fries, and soda) and transform it into a fine dining entree. 

They did some incredible things. 

The chef at Toronto's Local Kitchen "made mortadella (an Italian cold cut) out of emulsified patties, lettuce, onions and sweet-and-sour sauce. But when he poached the sausage, it exploded. The same thing happened when he put it in a hot pan. In the end, he prepared it in the restaurant’s backyard smoker. The buns were toasted and made into crostini (the sesame seeds were mixed with ketchup to resemble mostarda, a fruit and mustard condiment)." That dish can be seen in the picture above. In addition to the cooking techniques, the picture itself adds to the classiness of the dish. The lighting is much dimmer that what you would find in a fast food restaurant. The image is well-composed and very neat, again evoking a sense of classiness. 

For more of what these chefs made and some incredible pictures of the finished dishes, check out The Grid here

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Andie Mitchell's picture

This is so neat. Impressive what they can do with so little!

shoshanna levy's picture

It may not look like Mickeys anymore, but it still is! I bet they would never serve in their restaurants.