Popular Brownies Laced With Sleep Aid

May 18, 2011

Here's something that is the exact opposite of caffeinated brownies. A product called Lazy Cakes features a cartoon brownie on the wrapping and contain 8 mg of melatonin, a sleep-inducing supplement not regulated by the federal government. One doctor told the Boston Herald that just 10 mg of malatonin would cause an average adult to abruptly fall asleep. The sweets sell for just $2.49.

Many fear the brownies are being marketed towards children and could pose significant health risks to consumers. A company spokesman says the brownies are not being marketed towards kids, and instead allow people to relax. In the product's first six months on the market, more than 2 million brownies have been purchased. 

In Tennessee, a two-year-old boy was hospitalized after a relative gave him a portion of a Lazy Cake. 

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