NYC Dining Car Serves Three-Course Meal on the Subway

May 10, 2011

NYC Dining Car

An unusual pop-up restaurant called the NYC Dining Car recently surprised 12 New Yorkers on the L subway train with a six-course meal. The brains behind the stunt were the members of A Razor, A Shiny Knife, a group that stages social, theatrical and educational culinary experiences.

The NYC Dining Car meal featured savory delights like hamachi crudo, foie en brioche, ramp soup, filet mignon, and chocolate and gold leaf panna cotta. New courses were served at every third stop, according to attendee Steph Goralnick, and the team used the subway platform or an area of the subway car itself as a plating area. There was even someone tasked to read The Great Gatsby aloud for added ambience.

Photos by: Laughing Squid