3 Beers You'll Probably Never Taste

February 14, 2011

During the past week, several stories have emerged about new and unique beers. Sadly, you'll probably never get to experience one yourself (or in one case, you might not want to). Take a look at this list of unusual brews, see what's in them, and learn how they're made!

1. White House Honey Ale: As part of the Super Bowl party hosted by the Obama family at the White House, the president sampled a new beer made using 1 pound of honey from the official White House Bee Hive. The maker of the beer is a White House Chef who is also a home-brewing enthusiast. The Obamas paid for the equipment with personal funds, so there will be no impact on the national debt.

White House Honey Ale

2. Unnamed Beer From 19th Century Shipwreck: After the discovery of 5 bottles of preserved beer from a 19th century schooner off of Finland, scientists from the VTT Technical Research Center sampled the brew. One man described the beer as sour and noted, "you could taste the saltiness of it slightly." Scientists hope to identify the ingredients in the beer so that the recipe can be reproduced and possibly used in modern times.  Also found with the wreck: 168 bottles of preserved champagne. Those bottles are predicted to sell for $70,000 a piece at auction.

An unnamed beer found off the coast of Finland

3) Sink the Bismarck: Made by the Scottish company BrewDog, this beer contains enough alcohol that one gulp would put you over the legal limit to drive in the UK. Sink the Bismarck contains 41 percent alcohol and is meant to be consumed in small quantities (the bottle has a re-sealable lid). A 330 ml bottle of it will cost you 55 pounds. The beverage contains 4 times as many hops as an ordinary beer.

Sink the Bismarck, made by Scottish company BrewDog

Photos courtesy of Obama Foodorama, Telegraph and Daily Mail.



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Now the question is: Which of those wouldn't you drink? I can see two contenders!

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What to think about "START THE FUTURE" from Brewery 't Koelschip? It has 60% alcohol by volume. Brewdog and 't Koelschip are competing over the strongest "beer product" since you can't call it beer anymore.

(source: http://www.brouwerijhetkoelschip.nl/cms/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56&Itemid=58)