5 Holiday Baking Tips

December 4, 2009

People comment on details. And who doesn't want comments on the food that they've slaved over? To get rave reviews this holiday season, make sure to spend the extra minutes to perfect your baked goods. Maybe buy new yeast and real vanilla extract or keep a timer with you so you don't burn the sugar cookies.

Here are a few holiday baking tips to ease your time in the kitchen:

1. Use exact measurements, baking isn't like cooking so one can't always just eyeball how much flour to add. It could result in a completely different texture or taste in your holiday goodies.

2. Use high quality cocoa powder for your chocolate recipes this season.

3.  Cake flour is used to make cakes lighter than if plain white flour was used. It isn't recommended to be used for cookies (it will make them crumbly). If you don't have cake flour on hand, substitute with all-purpose flour plus 2 tablespoons per cup of cornstarch. It will work, but your cakes won't be quite as airy.

4. Since some baking powder is debated about whether they are gluten-free or not, substitute 1 part baking soda with 2 parts cream of tartar if you bake gluten-free.

5. Roll your cookie dough out between two sheets of waxed paper instead of overworking your dough and adding too much flour to prevent sticking. Your cookies will result in a softer, not-so-tough treat.

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Brad's picture

Thanks for the useful tips. I am "knee deep" in cookie baking right now....