Foodie Wedding Gifts

June 17, 2009

Photo by Whirling Phoenix

Cooking as a newlywed couple can be pretty intimidating as well as frustrating if you don't have the right ingredients or tools to begin with. As wedding season is in full swing, you might have found yourself looking over couple's gift registries and wondering how to make something rather impersonal, a little more special. Two very creative friends of mine are  getting married this weekend and instead of choosing a lovely gift off their registry, I've decided to spice things up and give a basket of creative, lasting ingredients they may not necessarily splurge on themselves. I'm putting together a basket of flavored sea salts, high quality olive oil, gourmets sauces, specialty vinegars and a variety of spices to give them a head start on their pantry.

There is nothing better than cooking with high quality ingredients and for couples who love to cook or for couples interested in learning more about cooking, adding some specialty ingredients by themselves or along with a registry item is a fun way to inspire creativity in the kitchen.  If you would rather give an experience, rather than a tangible gift, you can find a local cooking school or gourmet grocer in their area that offers gift certificates for cooking classes, wine making or cheese making classes. Whether giving lessons, tools or ingredients to fuel inspiration, it's fun knowing you are offering a little support to the future of  many, many meals together.



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I really enjoyed this post. Makes so much sense but yet I never thought of it. Thanks Melissa!

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I agree. It makes sense to give a couple a gift like this, but I just never thought of it. I've been searching for a wedding gift to get my friend, and so far it has been easier finding some <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Chicago Wedding Bands </a> to play at her reception than finding a gift! However, now I know what I am going to get them. The pantry idea is great, especially when the couple will probably be getting a kinds of kitchenware!

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