Vietnamese Salad Rolls

January 26, 2008

Usually salad rolls are eaten as appetizers, but I love to make them with various fillings and serve them as the main entrée with different dipping sauces. The delicate rice paper wrappers can be filled with just about anything: shrimp, basil, mint, lettuce, rice noodles, veggies. In the past I've also made more avant garde versions: mango and shrimp, Peking duck, pork and jicama.

Tonight it is simply julienned red and yellow peppers, baby lettuce, basil, mint and grilled shrimp. For the dipping sauce I mixed peanut butter with a splash of fish sauce, some hoisin sauce and water to thin it out. Sprinkle with crushed peanuts and voila!

Dip and enjoy!



Tina's picture

Those sound delicious! I think those might be too filling to be an appetizer - so I would probably serve them as an entree.