Persian Cucumbers

December 2, 2008

These Persian cucumbers were so delicious we skipped adding anything and ate them as is. In fact, a good portion of them disappeared before the main dish was served. These are not technically "seedless" but the seeds are small and soft and entirely edible. The skin is generally edible too unless you happen to find a deviant grocer who has felt the need to wax them. If waxed it is better to peel them, alas.

Similar to Japanese cucumber these are crisp and slightly sweet with, common to all cucumbers, a high water content. They can go "mushy" pretty quickly if stored one atop the other in a closed container. Don't wash them until ready to use and weed out any that have fainted in the crisper. Like Victorian aunts, if one keels over the others will follow suit.

We especially like these cucumbers (had the remains for lunch today) sliced and sprinkled with sushi vinegar or other seasoned vinegar containing a bit of sugar. The salt plus sugar content in the vinegar perks them up but doesn't mask the delicate taste as a heavier or oily dressing might do.



Sheri Wetherell's picture

I love Persian cucumbers! They are so tender and crisp. What a nice simple and healthy thing to have after the gluttony of Thanksgiving! Thanks.

Michele's picture

I've never seen these before but I love cucumbers. Used to be big on kirbys but now I love the english hothouse kind. Where can I find these?

Betsy Dorfman's picture

I found these cucumbers at Trader Joe's recently here in Los Angeles. You should be able to find them, or their close cousin the Japanese cucumber, at most farmer's markets.

Seth Knight's picture

We only buy Persians...from TJ's. We also toss them in sushi vinegar with a touch of sesame oil and chopped onion; a simple and refreshing salad.

Kasey's picture

My family has been eating Persian cucumbers since I was a little kid. It is amazing how flavorful they are compared to those big English ones. They're perfect in simple salads and just plain!

TikiPundit's picture

First tried these only about a year ago. A local Indian grocer had them and urged me to try. They're fantastic! Agree with keeping anything mixed with them to a minimum, to maximize their taste.

gaga's picture

I've never had persian cucumbers, but I'll keep my eye out for them. Your presentation is gorgeous!